The fairy tale...

Tulipa…the fairy tale

Land van Fluwel presents its first picture book.

 TULIPA, A colorful, adventurous journey through the history of the tulip

Moes, the musician in Sultan Süleyman's army, finds the most beautiful flower he has ever seen in the mountains of Tian Shan. He must take them with him for his boss's palace garden, because the Sultan loves flowers. This is the beginning of Moes' journey, but also of Tulipa's journey. From China to Turkey, via Austria to the Dutch coast. The story of the tulip like a fairy tale: magical, exciting, funny, with highs and lows with villains and heroes and a happy ending.

The fairy tale Tulipa was published on April 1, 2021. A travel story through the history of the tulip for everyone aged 4 and up.

Tulipa is available in Dutch, English and German. This beautiful picture book is available on Land van Fluwel and by sending an email with your information to info@landvanfluwel.nl

Publisher: Land van Fluwel
ISBN: 9789082248173
Pages: 32 pages
Age: from 6 years
Book: Hardcover
Type: Reading book, picture book, educational, souvenir


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Tulipa...the fairy tale


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