Land van Fluwel

On an adventure with the whole class!

School trip

You will experience the most adventurous school trip in Noord-Holland with your class on Land van Fluwel. There is plenty of entertainment for every child, every age. The park is spacious and built in such a way that the adventures are both easy and difficult to experience. In addition, due to the construction method, children can never embark on an adventure that does not suit their age. This makes Land van Fluwel not only the best school trip, but also very safe and suitable for all ages.

Experience and attraction value for all ages!

Experience the fairy tale of the tulip in the audio tour Dutch Tulip Experience. Take the plunge for an adventure on the island Barefoot path and push boundaries in it Adventure Play Paradise. Do you dare watchtower on? And with the 10 meter long slide back down?

If you are interested in a school trip at Land van Fluwel, you are of course always welcome to come and have a look in advance. Take Contact so that we have plenty of time to show the park and its possibilities. 'You don't know what you're experiencing!'

Teacher, this was the coolest school trip ever!

School trip rates 2024

The entrance fee for school trips is €7.75 per child. For every 4 children, 1 supervisor is allowed free of charge. The entrance gives access to all activities in the park.

And are the children getting hungry? We have plenty of tasty treats in our pancake restaurant. Below we list a few options:

  • Fries + orange juice and a rocket: €4.25
  • Fries + orange juice, frikandel/croquette/cheese soufflé and a rocket: €5.75
  • Pancake (30 cm) in the pancake house + orange juice and a rocket: €5.25
More information

Parking is free if you come by bus, the bridges are high enough to go under and you can turn and park on the large lawn. There is a covered area for all belongings. If desired, it is possible - after consultation - to arrive earlier than our usual opening time of 10:00 am.


Add an educational element to your school trip! For just €20 extra you can now order the Tulipa book with digital lesson letter. The Tulipa book is a fairy tale in which children discover the true story of how the tulip came to the Netherlands. You will receive a digital lesson letter for the classroom, so you can bring the history of the tulip to life! We recommend this enrichment of the school trip for groups 3, 4, 5 and 6.

For reservations or more information about a school trip on Land van Fluwel, please contact us on 0224-562555 or by email:

Discover more Land of Fluwel

Children's playground

Climbing country Keikop

Barefoot path


And does it really get hot?

then bring your swimwear!

Experience the adventure with the whole class and celebrate a school trip on Land van Fluwel! The water feature is also safe for young and old. Life jackets are available for those who cannot swim.


Camping at Land van Fluwel

During the weekend of June 15 to 16, it is possible to camp for a night at Land van Fluwel once! Bring your tent, pitch it in the middle of the adventure paradise and make memories for a lifetime.