The Perfect Snapshot

With Land van Fluwel as a playing field

The Perfect Snapshot

Group outing 'The Perfect Snapshot' on Land van Fluwel

Everyone knows the program 'The Perfect Picture' from RTL4, in which famous Dutch people try to create the perfect picture under the inspiring leadership of William Rutte and Tijl Beckand. New assignments every week, a winner every week, a dropout, but above all beautiful new photos.

Land van Fluwel and Linda Smit, better known as @Vlinderlin, organize a unique variant at Land van Fluwel: 'The Perfect Snapshot'. During this game everything revolves around assignments that you complete in a group with your smartphone. Because that is what Vlinderlin is famous for: she regularly shares the most beautiful images on her Instagram account @vlinderlin.

The Perfect Snapshot is not only a photo battle in several rounds, but also an introduction to all the possibilities of photographing with a smartphone. In between assignments, Linda, as the queen of smartphone photography, gives you tips and tricks on how to complete the assignment successfully. Take it from us: your holiday snaps will also look a lot better from then on.

The entire game takes place on the adventurous terrain of Land van Fluwel. Of course the winner will go home with a prize and there will be no dropouts in this edition!

The outing can be easily combined with, for example, a Walking Dinner or lunch.

Costs per person including professional guidance: €47 per person
(minimum number of persons 10)
Including Walking Dinner and 2 drinks: 79.95
Including Walking Lunch and 2 drinks: 69.95
Please contact us for adjusted rates for more than 20 participants
Duration: 4-4.5 hours (Note: if you purchase just the game, the duration is shorter)

The Walking Dinner / lunch consists of 4 small dishes that are served between the game elements.

Take a look at Vlinderlin's beautiful images on her Instagram account @vlinderlin or read something here William Rutte shared about her.

As a professional smartphone photographer, Linda is officially recommended by Apple.

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