Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can our dog come to Land van Fluwel?
Short-leashed dogs are welcome in Land van Fluwel. Please bring dog bags and leave our park tidy.

Can I bring my own food?
You are allowed to bring your own snacks to enjoy in the park. Own refreshments may not be consumed in the restaurant and on the associated terraces and must be neatly cleared away.

Can I bring a bottle of flugel or other alcoholic drinks?
It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks.

Is there a fence around the play pond?
No, there is a shallow water feature (0.5 meters) at Land van Fluwel to play around in. Please note: for safety reasons, the water under the ferry is 1.5 meters deep. Supervise children who cannot swim and/or swim only moderately. You can borrow a safety vest for children from the greenhouse.

When are you open?
You can easily view this on our website opening hours page.

How do I see what kind of fun events you organize?
You can see what extra things there are to do via the activities page. You can also register for the newsletter and be the first to know about events.

Can I eat in the restaurant without visiting the park?
Yes, that is possible, you can enjoy yourself on the front terrace and in the conservatory and sit outside the adventure park.

Can I get to the parking lot with the school bus?
Yes, the bridges you have to drive under are high enough for a school bus. The parking lot is a large lawn where you can also easily turn.

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