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At Land van Fluwel, every child and parent can enjoy themselves freely. Adventurers and bon vivants return to nature. Poking and tinkering Velvet Beach and wanted to have adventures on it Barefoot path. Stroll 1 kilometer through the vast park and push your limits. Also unique is the fairytale route through the forest where you take a audio tour gets acquainted with the history of our most famous flower, the tulip.

In between, you can pamper your inner self on the heavenly terrace with delicacies from the kitchen. Take a seat and enjoy the children playing exuberantly in the Adventure Play Paradise, on the go-kart track and on top of Keikop at the water playground.

There is something especially for the youngest youth The Little Country. A playground where they can lay the foundation for a life full of great adventure. Be surprised!

Depending on your options and wishes, you can complete this day out as it suits you best. One thing applies to everyone: Enjoy some free time on the vast and beautiful estate.

Experience it together!


Have you become curious? Watch our videos or read the Shere Y Paul's blog who visited the park with their two children.


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Tractor track

With the BloemBollenBoemel along the tulip fields

Children's party at Land van Fluwel

Children's party

School trip

Bon vivants & adventurers...

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