Escape Game "Tulip Mafia"

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Escape Game: Tulip Mafia

Play the exciting Outdoor Escape Game “Tulip Mafia” on Land van Fluwel with family, friends or colleagues. Our adventure paradise is a unique location to play this escape as a team. The Escape Game is suitable for everyone aged 15 or older and can be played by groups of 8 to 50 people.

The story
It worked! What everyone thought was impossible, very clever minds have achieved. Finally there is the 'Black Tulip'.

You will understand that the whole world is ready to get this special new tulip. In an exciting game that takes place across Land van Fluwel, you look for the best offer on the black tulip. Watch out for mafia practices and scams. Will your group ultimately be allowed to trade the tulip and will you go home with the money?

More information
Suitable for groups of 8 to 50 people (age 15+)
Costs: €125 for up to 10 participants (€10.00 pp extra for more participants)
Duration: about 2 hours

To book?
Mail to or call 0224 562 555

The Escape Game is also an ideal group activity for example family day or company outing and can be combined with one of our others activities that we offer or with lunch or dinner in our restaurant. There are plenty of options, and with us 'anything is possible'.

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Camping at Land van Fluwel

During the weekend of June 15 to 16, it is possible to camp for a night at Land van Fluwel once! Bring your tent, pitch it in the middle of the adventure paradise and make memories for a lifetime.