The new climbing country of Fluwel

Climbing country Keikop

Keikop, are you stubborn enough?

The various boulders in the newest climbing country of Fluwel are a challenge for every age. Start at the stepstones and jump from rock to rock with confidence and certainty. Feel even more sensation when climbing the boulder, discover the feeling of really hanging on a rock and imagine yourself at the top!

There is also one for the real daredevils three meters high climbing stone! Discover the feeling of really hanging on a rock. Enjoy the view and feel the challenge. If you manage to stay on top of this, then you will really have a view of it!

Everything in a responsible and safe manner.


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Velvet Beach

Barefoot path

Dutch Tulip Experience

Go-kart track

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Camping at Land van Fluwel

During the weekend of June 15 to 16, it is possible to camp for a night at Land van Fluwel once! Bring your tent, pitch it in the middle of the adventure paradise and make memories for a lifetime.