Dutch Tulip Experience

Experience the fairy tale of the tulip

Dutch Tulip Experience

Land van Fluwel is paradise located between the famous Dutch tulip fields. The largest contiguous flower bulb area in the world is located between Alkmaar and Den Helder. In the spring there is a true color spectacle in and around our park with all kinds of beautifully blooming tulips!

While walking through our attractive forest, young and old can get acquainted with the blossoming story and history of this beautiful flower through an audio tour during the Dutch Tulip Experience.

From its origins in the wilderness, its adventure in Turkey, the tulip craze in the Golden Age to how the tulip ultimately became the icon of the Netherlands.

The audio tour is available in multiple languages and includes a child and adult version to listen to. Everything is clearly explained and you determine the pace yourself.

Dutch Tulip Experience

The happiest day out!

You can only see the blooming tulip fields in North Holland between mid-April and mid-May. The tulip experience at Land van Fluwel is enchanting, just like the others adventures, all season!

The Dutch Tulip Experience is also very suitable to do together during a family day or company outing, for example.

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