Land van Fluwel

in the heart of the largest tulip fields in the world!

Tulip fields

The Dutch tulip fields have a special attraction for tourists from all over the world. The various bulb growing areas in the Netherlands are flooded with tourists in the spring. This also applies to the Zijpe, where Land van Fluwel is located. The popularity of the Zijpe is not surprising when you see what this area has to offer tourists.

The Zijpe is a large plain located directly on the sea. A narrow row of dunes separates the Zijpe from the North Sea. There are small villages in the polder. You will find most bulb fields along the dunes. It is a beautiful sight: the dry dunes, in front of which the shiny bulb fields, the blue of the ditches and the canals... No wonder that tourists like to come here on holiday.

Tulip fields in bloom

Want to see the tulip fields in bloom? The best period for this is spring. The fields turn colorful from the beginning of April. Colors can be seen until early summer, but April is usually the best time. Then the Flower bulbsBoemel from Land van Fluwel.

The fresh wind from the sea, the bright spring light and the endless fields full of blooming tulips form an ideal combination. Cycling in the Zijpe is wonderful. There is still a lot to see in May.

The tulip fields are the best known, but other flower bulbs also bloom in the Zijpe. This means you can enjoy this special phenomenon for a fairly long period of time. Climb the dunes or the viewpoint and Sint-Maartensbrug and be surprised by the patchwork that stretches beneath you. You can of course end a day of looking at tulips on the beach or in the nice restaurants in the coastal villages.

Bulb fields at Land van Fluwel

Land van Fluwel is located in the middle of all the tulip fields. From the watchtower you have a beautiful view of this. It is the ideal starting point for a walk among the flowers. On Land van Fluwel itself you will find a lot of information about the history of the tulip. At Land van Fluwel you can also buy tulips and other flower bulbs in our souvenir & bulb shop. Don't miss Land van Fluwel if you come to visit the Zijper tulip fields!

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Camping at Land van Fluwel

During the weekend of June 15 to 16, it is possible to camp for a night at Land van Fluwel once! Bring your tent, pitch it in the middle of the adventure paradise and make memories for a lifetime.