The tastiest event

With smoked fish and meat!

Smoke fest

On May 25 we will be smoking delicious fish and meat at Land van Fluwel. Raymond conjures up all his magical smoking skills in the garden, resulting in the most delicious salmon, tasty mackerel and juicy ham. Our food truck is open for a delicious drink + fries and some nice music.

To introduce everyone to the delicious taste of smoked food, we offer free access to Land van Fluwel from 4 p.m.! All you have to do is write an email and indicate how many people you are coming with. Do this before May 22 and Raymond will try to stock up on enough goodies.

At the food truck you can get coins for a culinary treat. You can enjoy the smoked fish and meat on site and, if available, you can also take a piece home for later enjoyment.

Especially for this event, we will remain open an hour longer, until 7 p.m.!

We'd love to see you.

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Camping at Land van Fluwel

During the weekend of June 15 to 16, it is possible to camp for a night at Land van Fluwel once! Bring your tent, pitch it in the middle of the adventure paradise and make memories for a lifetime.